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Johnny Douglas founded Dulcima Records in 1984.

He felt that, having spent his life so far writing and recording arrangements for other record companies, it was time he formed his own record company.  This way he could choose the material to record and have full control over the production from concept to completion.

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Sadly Johnny Douglas passed away on April 20th 2003. Tributes to him came from all over the UK and from around the world. A few of them have been posted on the website. Click the Tributes button to read them.


Dulcima Records continues as a family business headed by his daughter, Norma Camby, keeping Johnny Douglas's legacy of beautiful music alive and on the airwaves.

The picture above is of Norma and Johnny in the Recording Studios in 1988.










Quotes from our customers...

At Last... Johnny Douglas & The Living Strings on CD!..............
In the late '60's and throughout most of the '70's, one of the most successful U.S. radio formats was Beautiful Music (i.e. Light Music.) The Living Strings series, from RCA Camden, was featured prominently. Although there were at least a half dozen conductor/arrangers involved with these wonderful instrumental releases, there has never been a doubt  in my mind that Johnny Douglas was responsible for bringing The Living Strings "to life!" "Where Did The Night Go" features twenty Johnny Douglas Living Strings arrangements. From Harold Rome showtunes like "Fanny" and "Wish You Were Here", to lush string versions of pop hits like "Unchained Melody", "Wonderland By Night" and "Blue Velvet", the Douglas touch is unmistakable. The tempos are varied, as befits each song, but nevertheless seamless, romantic and relaxing. That Johnny Douglas'  contributions to the Living String series made it the success it was, is undeniable. Listening again to this inspired music, one is prompted to say... "Please Dulcima Records, may we have some more?"
By  Phil Stout, USA

My wife and I absolutely love these albums by Johnny Douglas. I don't think I have ever heard a more beautiful string orchestra than Johnny Douglas's. He has surpassed the Percy Faith Orchestra. I understand that Johnny used to orchestrate for the Living Strings Orchestra, but I haven't been able to find any Living Strings on compact disc. I found the theme from the film "Dulcima" so hauntingly beautiful, plaintive and soaringly inspiring….
Michael Pennock, Ohio, USA - 2002

I have always enjoyed listening to your many excellent recordings and have recently received your stunning "It's Magic" as a birthday present.
Simon Endacott, London, UK

I am wild about your three CD's – "On Stage", "On Screen" and "It's Magic"!! Since Andre Kostelanetz, Percy Faith, David Rose, Henry Mancini etc, left the stage and pop rubbish is all over the place, I never thought I would be buying again such perfectly lovely, orchestral music!! But oh! Those beautiful, colourful orchestrations of JD’s with lovely beginnings and endings; wonderful solos by flute, oboe, tenor sax, piano! And those HORNS, oh! those horns!! – Forgive me, but these Johnny Douglas Orchestra and Strings CDs, are just what I've wanted for years!! "Moonlight Serenade" with Ronnie Price's piano makes this version the best we’ve ever heard.
Thomas H. Russell, W.Sussex, UK

Johnny Douglas is a terrific arranger and his music is so pleasant and restful.  I play it everyday and it makes me feel very happy.
Mr Edmunds, Devon - 2008



In days when it is a rare event to find record companies bothering even to re-issue their light orchestral recordings from the 50's and 60's, it is indeed cause for celebration when one comes across brand new recordings of tasteful arrangements played by a first-class orchestra.

Dulcima is a record company run by Johnny Douglas and his daughter which specialises in newly recorded albums of quality light music.  Johnny Douglas, I am sure readers need no reminding, was very active in the 1950's providing backings for famous Decca artists as well as many singles and albums under his own name. Probably not so well know is that he was responsible for 80 or so of the famous 'Living Strings' albums released by American RCA.

Of Dulcima's releases to date those of greatest interest to Journal readers will almost certainly be three albums featuring 'The Johnny Douglas Strings' although I feel he is rather underselling here as two of them feature woodwind and brass soloists while the third is performed by a full orchestra with woodwind, brass, harp, percussion et al.
Alan Bunting

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