Marching & Waltzing

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Marching & Waltzing

Old Favourites for old-time dancing with BRYAN SMITH & HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA.

Following the success of the radio programme, Marching & Waltzing, Dulcima Records have compiled a selection of marches and waltzes specially recorded by Bryan Smith and His Concert Orchestra for traditional old-time dancing.



Marching & Waltzing

Compact Disc DLCD 113

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Cassette DLCT 113

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Track Listing

Disc 1
  1. Off We Go - Baynes, 2.22
  2. Fire On The Horizon - Knorr, 2.23
  3. Tesoro Mio - Becucci, 2.35
  4. Medley: Wine, Woman & Song, Voices of Spring, Roses From The South - Strauss, 2.35
  5. Good Old Vienna - Schrammel, 2.23
  6. Gipsy Blood - Renner, 2.26
  7. Medley: Dollar Princess - Fall, Dorfkinder Waltz - Kalman (The Village Children Waltz), 2.50
  8. Thrills - Ancliffe, 2.37
  9. Here Goes - Baynes, 2.24
  10. Gaily Through The World - Macbeth, 2.26
  11. Freitag's Waltz - Noris (Friday's Waltz), 2.21
  12. Montags Waltz - Noris (Monday's Waltz), 2.28
  13. The Light Horse March - Von Blon, 2.30
  14. Here, There And Everywhere - Bosc, 1.37
  15. Wiener Lipizzaner - Noris (The Lipizzaner of Vienna), 2.19
  16. Fairy Dream Medley: Dans La Nuit - Scoma, In Southern Seas - Savasta, Traumbild - Von Blon, 2.38



Off we go, Fire on the Horizon, Tesoro Mio, Here Goes, Gaily Through the World, Light Horse March, Here There and Everywhere etc…..

When I first came across this album, I nearly passed it by thinking that, despite my age, old time dance music wasn’t really my scene. Then I took a closer look at the titles and realised that there were several very interesting items on it, not graced with a new recording in many a long day. Top of the list has to be Macbeth’s Gaily through the World which I hadn’t heard since I last played my treasured Boosey & Hawkes white and green labelled 78. Bryan Smith’s orchestra isn’t quite as large as The New Concert Orchestra and the tempo, designed for dancing, is slightly slower but this catchy tune is, for me, the best on the disc. Close behind comes Baynes’ Off We Go which has a middle passage featuring a nice sax section and some nifty xylophone work, and the same composer’s rather similar Here Goes. The Strauss waltzes must, I’m afraid, be dismissed as “strictly for dancing” – I know that this CD isn’t aimed at “our” market but it would have been nice if, instead of Strauss, we could have had some more Charles Ancliffe. Thrills is one of his best known waltzes but he wrote many more including Festive Days of which a new recording would be very welcome. He also composed numerous marches none of which are currently available on CD. Two marches that are here and worthy of note are Von Blon’s Light Horse March and Here There and Everywhere by a composer I haven’t come across before, Bosc. Of more recent vintage are the charming Monday’s Waltz and Friday’s Waltz complete with accordion, written by the ‘Brian Smith’ of Germany, Gunter Noris. Although intended for dancers, this collection is well worth the attention of light music enthusiasts seeking to add to their collection newly recorded material not thitherto available on CD.
Alan Bunting

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