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On Stage

Easy Listening arrangements by Johnny Douglas of Popular Show themes.

On Stage

Compact Disc DLCD 109

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Cassette DLCT 109

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Track Listing

Disc 1
  1. I Could Write a Book – Pal Joey, 2.43
  2. Bali H’ai – South Pacific, 3.47
  3. Tap Your Troubles Away – Mack & Mabel, 2.23
  4. Hey There – Pyjama Game, 4.47
  5. All I Ask of You – Phantom of the Opera, 4.33
  6. Ascot Gavotte – My Fair Lady, 2.53
  7. If I Loved You – Carousel, 3.58
  8. The Sweetest Sounds – No Strings, 3.07
  9. I Won’t Send Roses – Mack & Mabel, 3.41
  10. Stranger in Paradise – Kismet, 4.08
  11. Where or When – Babes in Arms, 3.59
  12. Heather on the Hill – Brigadoon, 3.46
  13. I Have Dreamed – King & I, 4.01
  14. Try To Remember - The Fantasticks, 3.35
  15. Love Changes Everything – Aspects of Love, 4.12


Public Reaction

I am wild about your three CD's - 'On Stage', 'On Screen' and 'It's Magic'!  Since Andre Kostelanety, Percy Faith, David Rose, Henry Mancini etc left the stage, and pop rubbish is all over the place I never thought I would be buying again such perfectly lovely orchestral music.

But oh those beautiful colourful orchestrations of JD's with lovely beginnings and endings; wonderful solos by flute, oboe, tenor sax, piano!  And those horns, oh those horns!! - forgive me but these Johnny Douglas orchestra and strings CD's are just what I've wanted for years!!  Moonlight Serenade with Ronnie Price's piano makes this version the best we've ever heard.
Thomas H Russell, Sussex

from Silents to Satellite

By strange coincidence I received this CD the same week that THE RAILWAY CHILDREN appeared on T.V and confirmed something that I have felt for a while, that Johnny Douglas writes some of the loveliest and charming music for films, and it's a crying shame that his name isn't seen on more films.  It seems as if Radio 2 is the main beneficiary of his talents, though he has been bringing out quality CD's of outstanding light music featuring the Johnny Douglas Strings.  The fifth release contains versions of some of the most popular show songs from KISMET up to ASPECTS OF LOVE.  15 songs including "If I loved You" from CAROUSEL, "Hey There" from THE PYJAMA GAME (A personal favourite) and "Bali H'ai" from SOUTH PACIFIC are just some of the classics featured.

This sort of album, I tend to shy away from, but to be honest, I really enjoyed it, a fact I put down to Mr Douglas's stylish and varied arrangements, and I look forward to hearing others in the series.


'On Stage' is my personal favourite in the series and, in my view, should be in the collections of all lovers of quality light music.  This is the one featuring a full orchestra and, with superbly balanced digital sound from Abbey Road Studio Two, is an object lesson in how such albums should be produced.  Lasting just under the hour and ranging from vintage Rodgers and Hammerstein (Bali H'ai, If I loved You, I have Dreamed) to contemporary Andrew Lloyd Webber (All I Ask Of You, Love Changes Everything) the 15 tracks are an absolute joy.
Alan Bunting

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