It's Magic

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It's Magic

Superb arrangements by Johnny Douglas making a showcase for the magnificent piano playing of the inimitable Ronnie Price.


It's Magic

Compact Disc DLCD 115

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Track Listing

Disc 1
  1. All Things You Are - from the film 'Till the Clouds Roll By', 3.42
  2. Only Love - them from the TV serial 'Mistral's Daughter', 4.23
  3. Music Of The Night - from the show 'Phantom Of The Opera', 3.36
  4. It's Magic - from the film 'It's Magic', 2.51
  5. At This Time of Year, 3.51
  6. Sleepy Shores - theme from the TV series 'Owen M.D.', 2.58
  7. The Warsaw Concerto - from the film 'Dangerous Moonlight', 4.39
  8. Dulcima - from the film 'Dulcima', 3.31
  9. Secret Love - from the film 'Calamity Jane', 3.24
  10. The Dream Of Olwen - from the film 'While I Live', 4.19
  11. The Birthday Waltz - from the film 'The Railway Children', 3.38
  12. Time - from the film 'Crack In The World', 3.50
  13. Quiet Night and Quiet Stars, 3.06
  14. Moonlight Serenade - from the film 'The Glen Miller Story', 4.19
  15. The Windows of Paris - from the BBC Radio series 'Rounabout', 2.03
  16. I Can Tell By The Look In Your Eyes, 2.56


 Just wanted you to know that I LOVE the CD.  Many thanks

Karolye Cunha - December 2011

An old favourite Dulcima Records, not a new release but a CD & cassette dating back to 1994.

The Johnny Douglas Orchestra featuring the magic piano of Ronnie Price, 'It's Magic'.

After looking for recordings featuring Ronnie Price for some years I have found this album.  Ronnie Price had a light touch on the keyboard and was equally at home with big productions numbers as well as rhythmic Latin beats.  I wish there was more of his playing out there.  This album on Dulcima has superb sound and was a new studio recording.  The liner notes are by Johnny Douglas.  A visit to the Dulcima website will reacquaint readers with many albums and artists well worth listening to again.

Clive Fuller - In Tune - July 2010

I am wild about your three CD's - 'On Stage', 'On Screen' and 'It's Magic'!  Since Andre Kostelanety, Percy Faith, David Rose, Henry Mancini etc left the stage, and pop rubbish is all over the place I never thought I would be buying again such perfectly lovely orchestral music.

But oh those beautiful colourful orchestrations of JD's with lovely beginnings and endings; wonderful solos by flute, oboe, tenor sax, piano!  And those horns, oh those horns!! - forgive me but these Johnny Douglas orchestra and strings CD's are just what I've wanted for years!!  Moonlight Serenade with Ronnie Price's piano makes this version the best we've ever heard.
Thomas H Russell, Sussex

Public Reaction

I have always enjoyed listening to your many excellent recordings and have recently received your stunning 'It's Magic' CD as a birthday present.
Simon Endacott, London


Newly recorded albums of genuine light orchestral music are few and far between in this country.  I use the word "genuine" as I discount the various albums of pseudo-symphonic rock-type music recorded by assorted symphony orchestras augmented by rhythm sections and guest soloists which appear fairly regularly, usually on TV-promoted albums.  Johnny Douglas has returned to Whitfield Street Studios and produced another superb album of light music and this time all the tracks feature Ronnie Prince on piano.  Ronnie has been one of Britain's best known session players for many years and an album showcasing his talents was long overdue.  Johnny Douglas' arranging skills allow Ronnie's stylish playing to be enjoyed to the full and it is good to have new recordings of such favourites as Tony Osborne's Window of Paris - famous as the signature tune of the BBC programme Roundabout many years ago and an intriguing arrangement of Moonlight Serenade which makes a refreshing change from the endless big band versions.  Five of Johnny's own compositions are featured including music from The Railway Children, Crack in the World and Dulcima, the arrangement of which is not the same as the one featured on another Johnny Douglas album ON SCREEN.  We must be grateful that, despite the conclusions of the major record companies that there is no market for light music these days, companies such as Dulcima have sufficient faith to produce new albums of the calibre of this one which is highly recommended.
Alan Bunting

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